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How Do You Know When Your Family Member Needs More Help?

Knowing for sure that your family member needs help is such a tricky situation.
24-Hour Home Care in St. Louis, MO: Needing More Help

Knowing for sure that your family member needs help is such a tricky situation. It might feel to you as if you don’t want to offer something that she’s likely to turn down, but some of these signs are an indication that she really does need some assistance.

She’s Having Memory Trouble

24-Hour Home Care in St. Louis, MO: Needing More Help

Memory trouble and cognitive changes can mean that your senior is having trouble with more than you realize. Her doctor may mention that her needs are changing, too. It might be a good idea to sit down with your senior and talk about what impact her memory issues are having on her daily life. Home care providers can be a huge help with gentle reminders and routines.

Her Appearance Has Changed

Often when your senior’s appearance changes, there’s a reason for that change. She may be having trouble keeping up with grooming routines or she might be experiencing emotional changes that are affecting her ability to keep up with her general hygiene. 24-hour home care providers can be there for her to help as much or as little as she truly needs.

Or Her House Is in More Disarray

Another big issue for aging adults can be that it becomes so much more difficult to keep up with household tasks. If that’s the case for your senior, she may be spending a lot of time and energy and still feel as if she’s falling behind. Seeing her home less tidy than usual or even downright dirty can be a sign that it’s becoming too much.

She’s Resistant to Help

It’s a contradiction, to be sure, but sometimes one of the biggest signs that your elderly family member needs help is that she’s extremely resistant to having help. There’s often fear that you’ll force your senior to move or that she’ll lose her independence in other ways. That doesn’t have to be the case, especially with help from 24-hour home care providers.

She’s Had Big Medical Changes

If your elderly family member’s health has changed dramatically, that could be another big sign that she needs more help. That’s especially true if she’s been in the hospital or a rehabilitation center to recover. Having extra help can be a tremendous relief for her and for you as her family caregiver.

Remember to keep the lines of communication open with your senior. These aren’t easy topics, either for her or for you. It helps when you can remind her that you’re on her side and you want the best for her above all else.

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