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Can You Really Get Paid to Provide Your Mom’s Care?

One of the biggest questions family caregivers often has is, "can I get paid to do this?"
CDS (Consumer Directed Services) St. Louis, MO: Paid Caregivers

One of the biggest questions family caregivers often has is, “can I get paid to do this?” You’ve quit your job to help your mom out, but the lack of income leads to stress and anxiety. You don’t want to abandon your mom’s care needs, but you need money.

Did you know there are situations where you can get paid to care for your mom? Say your mom has breast cancer and needs someone to help her after surgeries, chemo, and radiation. She’s too sick to shower independently or cook her own meals. It’s time to look into consumer directed services in Missouri that let you help her while getting paid.

If your mom qualifies for consumer directed services, she can pay a personal care attendant of her choosing. Once the application is approved, she hires you to help her at home. Medicaid pays you to help your mom at home.

What Kinds of Care Does Consumer Directed Services Cover?

CDS (Consumer Directed Services) St. Louis, MO: Paid Caregivers

Consumer directed services cover activities of daily living that your mom cannot complete independently. It includes assistance with personal care and dressing, eating meals, and transferring and ambulation. Toileting and continence services are also covered through this program.

After her surgery, she’s too weak to stand and take a shower or move from room to room. She can’t wash her hair. She can make sure you’re paid to help her get showered and dressed each day. You can cook her meals, help her eat, and ensure she gets from one room to another without falling.

If your mom needs help with instrumental activities of daily living, such as housekeeping and laundry, that’s also provided under this type of home care. Her personal care assistant can get paid to drive her to appointments, take her shopping, and offer her medication reminders.

What Are the Rules on Eligibility?

Your mom has to apply and get accepted into MO HealthNet. She must have a disability or health issue like kidney failure or cancer, lives in one of Missouri’s qualifying counties, and meet the age requirement of 18 or older. Caregivers can also live in the same home as their parents, so you don’t have to live in separate homes.

Talk to a specialist in consumer directed services to find out more about having Missouri State Medicaid offer you a stipend when you stop working and take care of your mom’s care needs. It’s a beneficial service as your mom stays in a comfortable setting and has quality care from someone your family trusts.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering CDS in St. Louis, MO please contact the caring staff at Home Care MO today. (314) 501-5330

We offer consumer directed services (CDS) in St. Louis County, St. Louis City and St. Charles, as well as Crawford, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, Montgomery, Pike, St. Francois, Ste Genevieve, Warren and Washington Counties.

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